Cleo Confessionals

Cleo Confessionals

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We're in the midsts of December. Now’s not the time to beat yourself up about your spending this year.

It's time to look back in awe (be it pure shock or gratitude) on the outrageous things you did with your money in the hands of 2020.

Get them off your chest.

And then receive gifts for it.

Forget 12 days of Christmas, welcome to 10 days of Cleo Confessionals.

From now until the 24th of December, we want you to share your most shocking purchases of the year.

That 78 pack of loo roll 👀

The sweater with gloves attached (unsurprisingly there was no gif for this) 🙃

The sourdough merch 🚮

...We want to see it all. Tell us via words, show us via image, shock us via voice-note. We're ready.

In return for your sheer bravery, self-celebration and to be honest top-level entertainment, we’re going to be giving one of you $25 every single day on both Instagram and Twitter.

Give us your worst

You filthy animal

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