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How To Relieve Stress: Shoot Your Bills Into F*cking Space

Cleo’s new game is all about turning down the stress and obliterating your bills

Illustration of a slingshot holding bills

Bills! Should be easy, right? You just, like, pay them when they’re due 🤪

But for most of us here on earth, especially the 57% with reduced income due to the pandemic, bills are more complicated than that.

It’s a fact that bills can heighten anxiety because of the financial pressure they create every month. Squeezing fixed payments, like bills, into our already fixed incomes feels like frantically trying to finish an impossible puzzle before a buzzer goes off.

I don’t know about you, but I fucking hate puzzles.

(And what’s with the buzzer? Time is a construct!)

So if you could do anything to your bills to take your power back to feel some stress relief, what would you do to them?

Flush ‘em?

Set them on fire?

How about… load them in a rocket, waving goodbye as they disappear over the horizon??

The best way to deal with bills

Cleo’s new game Know Your Bills 🚀 brings together stress relief and a way for you to stay on top of your bills.

Let’s be real though, they’re not actually going to space.

But if you win, Cleo will put your bills into a rocket (in her own special way) and cathartically shoot them into the ethos.

This much is true. You’ll still have to pay them though (sorry), but if you play you might be more likely to pay them on time just by the habit of reviewing them ⏰

Add that to your list of why Cleo is the best budget app in the galaxy 🛸

How to play

If you've added your bills to Cleo then you'll get a notification every other Saturday you’ll get a notification message from Cleo saying it's time for the Know Your Bills game.

If you haven't done that yet, then stop reading, open Cleo and say "Budget". Then she'll show you a list of transactions for you to quickly say bill or no bill.


So your bills are set up, you've been notified by Cleo that's it's game time.

Now all you have to do is answer 4 questions about your upcoming bills correctly.

You have to know them. Really know them. Things like:

What are they?

When are they?

What’s the biggest one you’ve got coming?

If you’re shuddering and wanna leave your body at the thought of this, that’s… common.

And exactly why Cleo is here to help you relieve that stress through Know Your Bills 🚀

How this feature helps with bills

Whether you’ve put payments off cause it was tough to plan for them, or you just plain forgot, Cleo’s new game can take some of the mental and emotional load off your fixed payment plate.

The benefit here is that by reviewing them, you’re getting to know what bills are coming out of what pay check.

This is one of the main reasons even those who consistently use autopay and bill managing apps miss payments.

Forward planning is tough, y’all.

But before you opt-in to play this seggsy new game with your fav money app, here are some additional ways to guarantee you stay on top of your bills… and win 🚀 ✨

#1 Get help organizing your bills

Write down how much they are and when they’re due. Put ‘em in the calendar. Set an alarm. Tattoo them on your body. Carve them into your wall with some scrap metal for actual apocalypse vibes.

Or instead of all that…

✨  PROTIP: Add your bills to Cleo ✨

Yes we're saying it again because it's super important.

Not only is this the perfect way to keep track of ‘em in the best budget app ever, but it’s the only way to play the game! (👈  IMPORTANT)

In Cleo’s budget, it’s easy. She’ll give you a list of transactions and all you have to do is let her know which are the bills.

This will make Cleo smarter and get you into the game.

If this feels like a lot, you can start by noting the big ones.

Or do all of ‘em - even the lil Hulu’s and Spotify’s - for bonus points irl.

#2 Look at your bills on the regular

Choose a day every month to look at the amounts of each of your bills.

What we’re looking for is consistency: Are they going up? Down? Don’t let these shady price movements catch you slipping.

Why? Free trials end, subscription prices change, and your internet bill is actually riding an unmanned rollercoaster that could bust through the roof at any minute.

All the more reason to shoot bills far, far away into the night sky. Sweet revenge!

✨ PROTIP: If you type “bills” to Cleo in chat and you can see them/glare at them with hatred any time you want! ✨

#3 Pretend everything is due the first of the month

Autopay is the most surefire method for on-time bill payments and a great way to reduce stress around bills.

But it’s not foolproof.

The reason most people miss bill payments even when they’ve signed up for autopay is that they don’t plan around their fixed expenses… like bills.

✨ PROTIP: Try to think ahead and pretend whatever is due is already gone at the beginning of the month or pay period ✨

If you keep bills safely tucked away in your Cleo budget, she’ll not only remind you of when they’re coming, but she’ll give you a heads up on where you might cut back if you’re cutting it too close.

#4 If you miss a payment, act fast

If you’re having trouble paying your bills, don’t wait to act. Catch yourself before you fall into issue with a company by checking out some of the ways we recommend to keep missed payments from getting out of control.

Now you’re ready to shoot bills into space every other Saturday with Cleo (don’t worry - she’ll let you know when it’s time). Because bills suck, but games are fun.

Your bills will at least look smaller way up there… 🔭 ✨

Enjoy this post? Def give it a share or send it along to a friend. You never know, it could make a big difference. And of course, if you want to try the best money app in the world for free, just hit this link right here

Big love. Cleo 💙

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