July 2, 2020
Money Hacks

How to save money fast

According to you. We all do it, that money saving thing, and some of us better than others. Last week we took to Twitter and Instagram and asked the age-old question, how DO you save money fast? The line between insanity and genius has been truly disrespected. These are great.

“How about you send me yours” - We HAVE. We're stronger together.

“Use cash as spending money, the physical will help you spend less”

“Stay home.” – Save lives. Your wallet's.

“Hide your money from yourself. In purses, jackets, boxes.”

“Make your own food. + stop buying things you don’t need. Simple, but it works.”

“When I first got a job, I spent half and saved half.”

“Rob a bank it’s free money.” – Sure, we say your bank doesn't care about you (they don't) but maybe we just ignore their texts instead, yeah?

“Take what you wanted to spend (and didn’t) and put it into savings. Passed on a $6 burger? Savings.”

“Don’t spend money at all.”  

“Lose your wallet.”

“Hide your card”

“Lose your card so you can’t spend any money”... Are we seeing a theme here?

“The good ole weekly budget.” – 10/10. More on that here.

“Working” – Nothing if not direct.

“Take money out and have my mom hold it for me.”

“Only buy off the value menu at food places.”

“Don’t have kids, ever.”

“Eat someone else’s dinner.” – This hurt.

“Cereal for dinner.”

“Use water instead of toilet paper” – This week's challenge, activated.

“Use Cleo” – And on that note, we're done.

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