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Meet Alyssa: Senior Copywriter

Alyssa joined Cleo in January 2022. We caught up with her to chat about her time at Cleo 💙

Photo of Alyssa, senior copywriter at Cleo, and her dog Goose.

Tell us about your role

I work on the Growth Acquisition team, also known as Gull Group. (It’s a whole seagull thing) 

On that team, we have a mini creative agency, which supplies all the content and creative used to bring in new users. My job is leading that team 👋

I directly manage two content writers, and I indirectly manage two designers—all while also copywriting myself. Yes, that's way too many things for one person, so I’m hiring a copywriter

How did you first get into copywriting?

School that cost too much

I had no idea what I wanted to do in university, but my mom was determined I go. So she enrolled me in the professional writing program at York University (thanks mom). 

Her words were “writing is a skill and at least you’ll leave with that.”

After 5 years of not attending lectures and working nights at a bar, I decided I wasn’t ready to be an adult, and went back to school. I specialized in technical writing because I love plain English... and a nice salary. So I did a one-year graduate certificate in technical communications at Seneca College. 

My first "adult" job

As a part of my graduate program, I had an internship at this nuclear waste company 😅 and somehow stayed there for three years—going from intern to digital communications specialist. 

My job was to make nuclear waste not sound scary. I wrote everything from social content, ads, newsletters, website content, blogs, reports, physical pamphlets (can you believe those still exist). And although I loved taking complex concepts and making them simple, I was stuck in a routine of never being able to do creative things. I guess that’s government work for you. 

So what did I do? I got them to pay for a certificate in strategic copywriting at the University of Toronto. And once I got my certificate, I quit and ran so far I ended up in London, England. (I'm from Toronto btw 🇨🇦)

What do you like most about working at Cleo?

I love how much Cleo values idea generation. We have the freedom to test, learn, iterate, and even fail. For me, this creates an environment where I’m constantly learning and pushing myself to improve. And I get to do that surrounded by people I actually like. 

What are your favorite projects you've worked on?

I love this “build credit everyday” campaign we shot this year. We hosted an advertising workshop with another team to get inspired. And left with the concept of using Cleo features in unlikely everyday uses—like cutting pizza or washing your hands. 

And since Goose (my dog) was there on shoot day… he had to have a moment. 

What is your favorite Cleo memory?

Choosing one is way too hard, so here are some of my favs: 

Office karaoke 

This is a karaoke company. We love karaoke so much that an office neighbor was overheard saying “oh they’re at it again, wonder if they're hiring.” (Turns out we are.)

2022 offsite 

You know it was a good offsite when there's a video of you on a mechanical bull ✌️

Goose joins the leadership team

Let justice be served. My cute office boy made the Leadership Team.

@Barney get this good boy on payroll. 

Where Can We Find You When You're Not at Work?


On my purple couch, red wine in my left hand, TikTok in my right hand, Real Housewives on the TV, and my dog in my lap. 


At a restaurant, eating olives, ordering a spicy margarita on the rocks (they never come with ice in London), and then complaining about the rain. 

Do you have advice for future applicants?

Every role is different, so I suggest checking out the other Meet the team blogs to find people in your field. But if I was to give general advice, I’d say come prepared with examples of:

  • How you’ve had impact
  • How you live our values 

I’m hiring  🥂✨

Want to join my team? I’m hiring a Creative Copywriter to join our Growth Creative Team.

I’m looking for someone who can write… on trend. Someone who’s on TikTok and runs to the comment section. Someone who can write short, snappy copy that will get people's attention. And someone who gets sh*t done.

If that sounds like you, please apply with your portfolio.

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