October 1, 2020

Welcome to 2020 2.0

2020, it’s over for you

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It’s been a tough year to say the least. A fever dream. A flaming pile of garbage. But despite that, but none of us can deny that we've learnt a lot.

That’s why we're not scrapping 2020 entirely, but we are resetting it.

Welcome to levelling up season ✨

For the next three months we're in 2020 2.0. We’re cutting the crap, we're taking the wins and we're putting our best foot forward just in time for 2021.


Right now, we're deciding what's saying and what's going by typing '2020 reset' to Cleo and Marie Kondo-ing our finances.

Then we're gonna be getting damn practical, personal and going for utter gold – we'll be in touch with your next steps on socials and email, DW.


Examples of things we will be taking into 2020 2.0

🌶 AOC. That's it.

🍸 That viral video of Stanley Tucci making cocktails that none of us new we needed. But we did.

💙 D&I reports and the moves we're all making from them.

💤 Budgeting without being boring.

Aaaaaand some things we'll be slamming the door on

👋 Our overdrafts

🕶 Blinding Lights family dances. Please.

🗑 Crappy landlords.

😷 Anti-maskers.

We'll be taking you through this New Year on socials and email but we want to chat-chat. Tell us what you're taking, what you're leaving, what you're pining for and we'll do our best to get you there 💙

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