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Frantically looking for a payday advance online? We got you.

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You’re all set to make it to payday. And then something unexpected happens. You find yourself with a broken-down car. You’re hit with an unexpected bill.

If this is you right now, you’re not alone. 64% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. This is where sneaky overdraft fees and predatory payday loan apps come in, designed to trap you in a downwards debt spiral.

If you do need a little help tiding you over until the end of the month, Earnin and other cash advance apps (hint: Cleo) can be great alternatives in situations like this because of their interest-free cash advance feature.

How does Earnin work?

💰 Earnin has a unique money lending system. It tracks the number of hours you have worked and allows you to access money according to your earnings. Initially, this is $100, and then it goes up to $500 over time. You then repay this on your next payday.

⏱️ The money takes 1-2 business days to arrive.

💲 Earnin uses a voluntary tip model, so no fees.

Other conditions: to qualify for Earnin, you must be employed in a physical location or have an electronic time management system.

What to do if you’re a gig worker?

If you don't fit Earnin's employment requirements, don’t get down, you’ve got options.

We’ve compiled the best money apps like Earnin, that don’t have the same requirements.

With some hacks on how to get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cash advance cycle at the end.

Cleo: Best App To Free You From the Cash Advance Cycle

Ok, yes. We put Cleo first. But that’s because we’re really proud of how great Cleo is for gig workers.

💰 With a Cleo Cash Advance, you can get up to $250*

⏱️This money takes 3-4 working days to arive, or the same day for an additional express fee.

💲 Cleo Plus is $5.99 a month and gives you access to the cash advance.

Here’s what makes Cleo special. With Cleo Plus, you get access to a ton of other cool features that are designed to help you eventually stop needing a cash advance.

Stuff like:

💙 Roast mode, to hold you accountable for your late night Amazon binges

💙 Cashback on your favorite stores

💙 Roundup and autosave, to help you build savings while you spend

💙 A budgeting tool that’s ridiculously easy to use and personalized to your spending

💙 A place to monitor your credit score (so you can see if that missed Klarna payment came back to haunt you)

Just connect your bank account and our algorithm calculates your eligibility.

Cleo is freelancer friendly, too — we don’t have to verify your employment status.

Wanna know more? We have a whole article on how to get a Cleo cash advance.

Brigit: Best Cash Advance App for Quick Money

💰 With Brigit, you can get a cash advance of up to $250.

⏱️ The money arrives on the same day if you apply before 10 am EST. Otherwise, it’ll be the next business day.

💲 To access the cash advance, you have to sign up for Brigit’s paid plan, which is $9.99 a month.

Here’s what you need to qualify:

📍 A checking account with a positive balance that’s been active for at least 60 days

📍 At least three recurring direct deposits from the same employer

📍 A history of maintaining a positive balance around payday

Chime: Best Overdraft Service

Chime offers a fee-free overdraft service called SpotMe for its customers.

💰 First -time users can access up to $20 via SpotMe, with the limit increasing to $200 once you meet certain criteria to do with account history and activity. The negative balance is then automatically repaid from your next deposit.

💲 SpotMe charges no additional fees. Just remember this is an overdraft service, so you don’t actually get cash into your account as with other cash advances.

To qualify for SpotMe, members need to have received at least $200 through direct deposit in the 34 days prior and have an active Chime debit card.

⏱️ So while SpotMe is an instant service, you need to have already set up a Chime bank account as well as a Chime debit card beforehand to access it.

Albert: Best All-Rounder Cash Advance App

💰 With Albert, you can get a cash advance of up to $250.

⏱️ You can access your advance instantly for a fee, and it takes up to 3 days otherwise.

💲 There are no fees to access cash instantly if you advance it to an Albert Cash account. Instant advances to an external account will pay a small fee. There are no late fees either. Right on, Albert.

To qualify for Albert, your connected bank account has to have been open for at least 2 months and have a balance greater than $0 (so no negative balance).

You must’ve received income twice in the past two months from the same employer (soz freelancers).

Lastly, your recent paycheck must have been received on time and have funds still available 24 hours after your payday.

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Big love. Cleo 💙

*Cleo Plus is our subscription service, which offers eligible users cashback on your money, information on your credit score, and access to cash advances (“Cash Advance”). Advance amounts will vary based on eligibility. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can also apply for cash advance by contacting our customer service at team@meetcleo.com. To learn more about eligibility, repayment, and overall terms, please visit: meetcleo.com/terms

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