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How to budget with Cleo

It's easy.

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You've probably seen, Cleo's just upped her budget game.

It was monthly, it's now weekly.

There are FREE custom categories that you can get creative with 🍿🍻☕️💐🌿.

You can take part in a budget battle against yourself each week. Winner gets pride AND a prize.

Here's how to get set up


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How to start a side Hustle in 2020

As well as learning to cross-stitch ‘I Am bOrEd’ and developing a deep appreciation for literally anyone but our roommate, this pandemic has given us a chance to remember what we’re actually passionate about. With 49% of you in the US and 71% of you in the UK experiencing a drop in income last month, there's never been a better time to turn those things into a side hustle.

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Grow Your Wealth

Money lessons with The Penny Pal

If there’s anyone who can tell us where to find the light when it comes to the pandemic and our money, it’s The Penny Pal. Here’s a wrap up of this year’s learnings so far and how we take ‘em and move forward.


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