Thanksgiving intervention: How to survive your family

From relationship questions to college plans, face your Thanksgiving dinner problems head-on with Cleo’s tips for survival.

Thanksgiving intervention: How to survive your family

Thanksgiving dinners make for the best and worst conversations. Yes, we love a plate stacked with turkey and potatoes, but unprovoked questions about job hunting from your opinionated aunt? Not so much. 

Boomers have been criticizing younger generations for years, “quit the chai latte if you want to afford a house, put your phone down and look up.” But do they really understand the cost of living crisis Gen Z are facing in securing a stable future? 

This Thanksgiving, when you’re bombarded with lifestyle questions from family, be prepped with srs comebacks with Cleo’s help 👊

The Relationship Audit 

“Are you back on the dating apps? Get out there. I was married with kids at your age…” 🙄 

Nothing more infuriating than having relationship timelines from the ol’ days compared to modern dating (it’s tough out there, we know). As if being single is any of Uncle John’s business. And why can’t you just be a single-independent woman? 

Society already places enough pressure on meeting the one by a certain age. You don’t need this sh*t at Thanksgiving too. Also, being in a relationship can be a bougie lifestylewe can’t all afford date nights and the rounds of drinks they entail. Besides, being single has its perks (hello, savings) 🤑

Shut em’ down with a “I’m on a self-discovery journey atm,” or divert the convo to your sibling. They’ll love that.

The Avocado Economics 

Somehow older generations think that skipping out on a $15 plate of avocado toast will indeed secure you that apartment deposit. We wish. Affording a house is a difficult feat in today’s world… and even with small lifestyle choices like choosing ramen over candle-lit dinners. It doesn’t mean we can battle interest rates as easily as our parents did. So kindly encourage them,“back in your day, you had it waaaaay easier.” 

The Degree Dissection 

Having minimal funds as a student and being asked about your plans post-degree is enough to make your sanity pack your bags and take a vacation for the unforeseeable future ✈️ Maybe you haven’t been accepted into your college course yet. Maybe your grades aren’t going so well because you’re working to pay the bills. Nothing like the family career-counseling committee to remind you of your skills and attributes though, “you’ve always loved painting, why not consider art therapy?”

And then there’s the freelancer’s worst nightmare... “Does that mean you’re like… constantly unemployed?” This year, remind your folks of your workload, and your boss b**ch ways, working side hustles and studying full-time to get extra cash. 

The Digital Detox Dare

“Who are you texting? Put that damn phone down.” It’s all too familiar. “I bet you couldn’t go one week without that thing.” Not only are we constantly grilled for our phone usage, but the oldies just don’t seem to get the online shopping phenomenon. There’s nothing wrong with shopping online (in moderation though… *cough* you do have a phone bill to pay). Tell em’ it’s convenient and time-saving 💁

The Tech Support Expectation 

The audacity… you’re given a hard time for phone usage, and then they expect you to fix all their tech issues. “Since you’re young and a tech whizz, can you have a look at the wi-fi connection on the TV?” Who’s laughing now…  

The Food Commentator 

Finally, Thanksgiving dinner showcases your fave family archetypes. The cousin that only puts two things on their plate. The aunt that starts cleaning up before people even touch their food. The dad that wants to leave as soon as the meal is over. Don’t even bother trying to explain your plant-based diet, they won’t get it. Oh, and the classic “Is that your fifth plate?”

This Thanksgiving, know you’re not alone in the holiday struggles. Cleo’s here to guide you through the treacherous waters of family gatherings with humor and grace. She can even help you budget in the lead-up, so you can cook up a culinary masterpiece your mom will be proud of. 

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