This St. Patrick’s Day, Feel The Luck of The AI-rish

Cleo wants to write you a poem. There could be 10,000 lucky pennies in it for you 👀

Gold coins on a green background. Text that reads "The Luck of The AI-rish, Cleo's St. Patrick's Day Giveaway"

Grab a Shamrock Shake and listen up ☘️🥤

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and Cleo’s using the luck of the AI-rish to write you a custom LLM-erick.

If you don’t speak nerd, Cleo is writing you a poem about *your spending* using her big AI brain. Plus, one charmed individual will win 10,000 lucky pennies. That’s $100, in case you don’t feel like doing the math. 

You had me at $100. What do I need to do?

Here’s how it works. Take 2 minutes to:

  1. Open up the Cleo app and type “lucky me” into chat 📱
  2. Receive a personalized poem and get inspired… to spend better 🤭
  3. Take a screenshot of your original poem, share to IG or Twitter and tag us (@meetcleo) 🤳

Then just sit back, maybe enjoy a green beer or two, and wait for us to announce a winner after March 22, 2024 🍻💸

St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway 2024 Terms and Conditions

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