We have a quiz that tells you your money mood

Know what's great in lockdown? QUIZZES. You probably know what Pizza you are, you definitely know what Disney character you are and if you're super on the whole 'I want to dissect my entire personality because I need to be told how I be' thing, you might've even found out your love language.

Repeated image of the flying money emoji

Now, we've just dropped a quiz that can a. give you that sweet, sweet validation and b. help you manage your bank balance. It's called 'What's my money mood?' and if you relate to any of these GiFs you should say (you guessed it) "what's my money mood?' to Cleo, immediately.

Man doing an angel in money pile

This one is "every single dollar I get I keep close and love more than I do my own back, clearly."

Man drying tears with money

And this one "I care about money more than I care about GERMS."

Here we have "I am so exhausted from the sheer speed I spend my money at that I don't have the capacity to feel any guilt about it what shall I buy next?"

Baby throwing money out of the window

And finally "I just got paid, so obviously I should rip up $200 and use it as garnish for the instant noodles I will now be living off."

Hard relate to any of the above? Let's find out whether you're a big spender or a huge saver. Know someone who will? Pass this on.

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