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How Does the Dave App Work?

In need of an instant cash advance? We’ve got you covered.

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Picture the scene: you're all set to glide to payday. And then you’re hit with an unexpected expense. 

Your car breaks down. You’re hit with that Klarna payment you forgot existed. Or some other fun, unexpected expense.

Here’s what you’re not gonna do: take out a payday loan with 600% interest, or get smacked with overdraft fees. 

Dave and other cash advance apps (hint: Cleo) can be great in situations like this because of their interest-free cash advance feature, as well as help with making and sticking to a budget. 

It’s wise to do some research to find the app that’s best for you. Let’s get into it. 

How does the Dave app work?

Here’s the lowdown on everything Dave offers:

  •  Dave offers up to a $500 cash advance. In Dave’s help center, they do mention that you’ll likely get less than $250 the first time. 
  • The cash advance takes three days to arrive, or you can pay an express fee to receive it in 8 hours. 
  •  The subscription fee for Dave is $1 a month. There’s also the option of leaving a tip. 

An important point: to qualify for Dave, you will need to have at least $1000 in your account. 

Dave will also look into your payment history to determine how much you’re eligible for. 

If you’re a gig worker, or you’re not bringing in $1000 a month, don’t sweat. There are alternatives. 

‍Cleo: the cash advance app for gig workers 

If you’re in need of a quick cover, Cleo can potentially offer you up to $2501.

Did we mention? There’s: 

💸 No credit checks

💸 No interest

💸And no need to verify your employment or income

You connect your bank account and our algorithm works out your eligibility for you. 

And because Cleo isn’t like other cash advance apps, you’ll also get access to a whole load of other cool features. 

Things like:

💙 Notifications when you’re about to overdraft (byeee overdraft fees)

💙 Roundup and autosave, to build your savings while you spend

💙 Cash back on your favorite stores

💙 A budgeting tool that creates a personalized budget that works for you

💙 Roast mode, to show you exactly how much you spent on Uber last month

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Big love. Cleo 💙

1 The Cleo Plus subscription offers saving goals, hacks, challenges, APY on savings, credit score insights, and access to cash advances if eligible.

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