It's up to us to get people through this

COVID-19 has hit people hard financially. This is $ redistribution at it’s best – collective gifts of $250 from those who want to help, to those who need it most.

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Random Acts of Relief is a gift of $250 to those who have had a drop in income due to COVID-19, and a personal reminder that they are going to get through this.

You’ve probably heard, we’re in a crisis. What you might not have heard, is that 71% of the people who have needed money since March have been let down by the government. In April, we had more than double of our Cleo customers reach out for additional financial backing and support.

None of that is ok, so we took action.

We built Random Acts of Relief to get gifts of $250 to those who need it most. How? By redistributing money from those who want to help, and within hours.

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👀Cleo’s AI can detect whose income has changed so that the people who receive a random act, are the people who need it

Cleo’s fast. People need relief now, and they’ll be able to get their funds within 24 hours, not weeks and weeks

👊Our mission is to improve customer’s about financial health. This is more important now than ever

💯We have a community packed with legends like Melissa wanting to help each other out

Yeah, the Cleo fam want to help – It was actually a message from Melissa that kicked this all off.


By clicking right here, you can give anything from $5 to $5,000,000. Seriously, every single donation makes a huge difference.

Why not leave a note with your kindness – words of support, a haiku, your best emoji etc. – you do you, we’ll pass it on.

If the whole web thing isn’t for you, type “random acts of relief” to Cleo in-app – you and her can take it from there.

Let's do this.

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Michael will get you through a hangover

Things are tough right now and turns out, pandemics don’t spare your finances. On a mission to help where we can, we made Random Acts of Relief. Long story short – Michael gifted some money to someone in need and left this truly iconic note alongside it. We did what anyone with an aching desire for words of affirmation right now would do and hit him up for MORE.


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