June 18, 2020

Random Acts of Relief, the story so far

We kick-started Random Acts of Relief a couple of weeks ago, and we’re ready to ramp things up. Before we do though, we thought we’d make sure we’re all up to speed. Let’s go.



If you don’t know, congrats on managing to swerve our relentless messaging. Long story short, people need money right now. We’re getting at least five $250 GIFTS to those of you who need them most each week. Sounds unbelievable, we know. But it’s true. And it’s all thanks to the Cleo community. Click here for the full backstory.

The idea for Random Acts of Relief came from one of our users – wonderful, generous, angel Queen Melissa, pictured above, who slid into our DMs asking whether her advance could go to someone needing it more. You can introduce yourself here.


We built Random Acts of Relief, which crowdsources gifts of $5 upwards from those of you who can afford to give, and gifts them to those our AI can see need it most in bundles of $250. Smart huh.

You on the other hand, did THIS.

Whether 100% lovely, or 200% iconic, You've been leaving some incredible messages with your gifts to each other.


1369 of you are GIFTERS.


$39,548 has been gifted so far.

That means you've helped put a smile on 98 faces in 2020, which is no easy feat. Thank you. This is just the beginning.

So, now we’re caught up it’s time to decide – which are you? A gifter, or a receiver?

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Friday, March 20, 2020
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