December 27, 2021

Toast your 2021 spending and move the f*ck on

A very special spending review

Don’t worry, we’re not doing a ‘So, this year huh?’

That’s the last thing you need after living it (seriously, shout out to you).

2021 definitely … happened.

We felt … feelings. For more on that, Cleo’s got you.

WTF just happened 

Make sense of your 2021 with Toast Mode.

Time to face what it all cost you, toast to it and move on.

It’s called ✨processing ✨

You could even walk away with $500.

Raise a glass, someone’s getting $500

🥂 Type 'toast me' to Cleo in-app

🥂 Say cheers to your 2021 spending

🥂 See how to enter for the $500

Let’s see what money memories your brain has lovingly buried.

To my 2021 spending 🥂

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