May 5, 2023
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Top Cash Advance Apps for Quick Cash

A few of the best apps to help you get quick cash 💙

Tap Your Way Out of a Tight Spot

Picture this: It’s the end of the month, your bills are piling up, and your wallet is emptier than your list of things to do on a Saturday night…

Sound kinda familiar? If you need some cash to cover unexpected expenses or pay off bills, you might find a cash advance app useful. With just a few taps on your phone, you can get access to the funds you need, without the hassle of filling out paperwork or waiting in line at a bank.

Ain't no one got time for that.

(We'll just cut to the chase and tell you that Cleo can potentially spot you up to $250*. No credit checks. No interest. No stress.)

Eligibility requirements apply.

What Is a Cash Advance App?

A cash advance app is a mobile app that lets you access cash advances. These apps offer a quick way to get access to cash when you need it most, without having the need to fill out a lot of paperwork. (But you still need to read through the terms and conditions. No one's gonna do that for you 👀.)

Cash advance apps typically ask you to link your bank accounts and provide proof of income to determine your creditworthiness. Once approved, you can access money through your chosen app which is usually up to $500. You'll then need to pay it back on your next payday.

Cash Advance apps tend to be very nice and don't charge interest, and there's usually no credit checks either - the perfect combo. But each app is different, so definitely always do your own research first.

To be eligible for a cash advance, you’ll need to provide details about your bank account, employment status (ahem, Cleo doesn’t require this), and repayment date.

Once approved, you'd typically receive your cash advance within one to three business days, but if it’s an emergency and you need the cash advance now, you can pay a small express fee to receive it on the same day.

Popular Cash Advance Apps

To help you out with your search, we've rounded up some of the top cash advance apps for quick cash. These apps are easy to use and offer quick access to cash when you need it most. But always run your own comparisons first to check which app is best for you.


If you’re in need of a quick spot, Cleo Plus can offer up to $250**. There's none of that dumb interest in sight. And no credit checks either.

So, Why Cleo?

Cleo doesn't require a specific income requirement, and she doesn't need to verify your employment status. So if you're a gig worker - she's got your back. 💗

Cleo Plus also unlocks access to helpful financial features such as Credit Coaching, which in time, should help you with your credit building journey.

With Credit Coaching, you can check your credit score regularly, and you’ll get your full report directly in the app.


In your report, Cleo will outline the steps you can take to help you manage your money in a way that can help improve your score.

And she's that clever, she'll pick up on any spending habits which are making your credit score look a little… sad. 👀

How do You Get a Cash Advance with Cleo?

1) Firstly, download the app
2) Connect Cleo with your main bank account
3) Find out if you're eligible for the cash advance
4) Consider if Cleo Plus is right for you
5) Decide when you want your cash advance

💵 Maximum amount: $250
🏦 Fees: $5.99 monthly subscription and no late fees (but always try to pay back on time)
🚀 Speed: Three to four working days or if it's urgent, you can get it today for an express fee $3.99
✅ Repayment: It’s up to you when you want to repay ‍
🔎 Credit check: No
📈 Interest: No. We're not like that


Chime offers a fee-free overdraft service called SpotMe which lets you overdraw by up to $200 on debit card purchases. And there's no fee.


The SpotMe limit usually starts at $20 and depending on your account activity, history, and other risk factors, it could increase up to $200.

Remember, SpotMe is an overdraft service, so you won’t get cash into your account like you do with other cash advances.

PSA: To be eligible, you’ll need to receive a single direct deposit of at least $200 into your Chime checking account over a 34-day period.

💵 Maximum amount: $200
🏦 Fees: No fees and the option to tip
✅ Repayment: Your next payday
🔎 Credit check: No
📈 Interest: No


If approved, you can request an advance up to your approved amount in the app. You’ll also need to choose your repayment date which is typically your next payday.

In addition to cash advances, Brigit offers a few different financial management tools, such as budgeting assistance, expense tracking, and personalized financial tips.

💵 Maximum amount: $250 ‍‍
🏦 Fees: $9.99 monthly subscription and no late fees ‍
🚀 Speed: Instant
✅ Repayment: Typically your next payday but Brigit says if you need an extension, you won’t be charged ‍
🔎 Credit check: No
📈 Interest: Nope

Start Budgeting to Avoid Relying on Cash Advance Apps

The majority of cash advance apps won't charge late fees, however, it's best to only use a cash advance app if you know you'll be able to pay it back on time. We want you to be able to get to a point where you can dip into your own emergency fund instead of relying on a cash advance app…

And that's where budgeting comes in.

You're an adult now, it's time to do adult things like set yourself a budget you can actually stick to.

And Cleo will help you do just that.

Setting a realistic budget could help you save up those spare dollars for a rainy day (or an unexpected car repair) 🙃.

PSA: If you find yourself using cash advance apps too often, we've got a blog that might help. Here's How to Avoid Falling Into a Cycle of Debt With Cash Advances.

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*Eligibility requirements apply.

**Cleo Plus is our subscription service, which offers eligible users cashback on your money, information on your credit score, and access to cash advances ("Cash Advance"). Advance amounts will vary based on eligibility. To learn more about eligibility, repayment, and overall terms, please visit:

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