How To Make Money On OnlyFans

How to make money on OnlyFans in 2023 without showing your face

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There are multiple features that allow you to make money on OnlyFans.

This is how they work:

How To Make Money On OnlyFans

1. Subscription Service

One of the most popular ways to make money on OnlyFans is to put your account behind a paywall, aka make it pay-per-view.

This way, you charge subscribers a monthly fee to view your content.

This model encourages loyalty from your fans and generates a steady source of income.

2. Paid Posts

If you don’t want to put your whole account behind a paywall, you can still make money by putting some of your posts behind a paywall as paid posts.

3. Tipping

Whether your account is free or paid, you can make money from tips. As long as you have five posts or more on your page, viewers can tip your profile, posts, direct messages, and live stream sessions by clicking the tipping icon.

4. Paid messages

It’s really easy to send messages to your viewers. You can set up your account so that viewers can tip to message you. You can also put your messages behind a paywall so viewers have to pay to see them.

5. Live streaming

With a live stream, viewers have the option to tip you throughout your session. You can even set a tip goal if you want to raise a certain amount of money. If your account is free, you can set up a system so viewers have to pay a fee to watch the live video.

PSA: we share hacks for making the most money from these features further down in the “How to Make Money on OnlyFans” section.

What is OnlyFans?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, OnlyFans is the content subscription service that boomed over lockdown. Yet despite what you might have heard about it, OnlyFans is not all adult content. The service was founded as a way for fans to get exclusive access to content from their favorite influencers. You can even find celebrities like Beyoncé and Cardi B sharing their music there.

So it’s not all adult content. But a lot of it is. Most of it is, in fact. And some people make big money making this content. With the current cost of living crisis, life is expensive AF right now. So if you're looking for an extra stream of income, it makes sense to consider OnlyFans as an option.

Like any small business, creating content on OnlyFans is not a get rich quick scheme. But there are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow to boost your following and eventually start making big bucks.

How much can you make on OnlyFans?

One spokesperson for OnlyFans reported that over 100 creators have made at least $1 million on the platform.

Sex work is legitimate work (when it’s free from exploitation), although this should go without saying. Thousands of Americans use OnlyFans as an extra stream of income, and creators generally make anywhere from $500 to $1,000+ a month. Smart, especially with energy bills being so high right now.

How much does OnlyFans take?

They take 20%, which is one of the best rates out there for an adult content platform.

OnlyFans is popular with creators because it puts the power in the creator’s hands. So whether you’re looking to post adult content, cooking tutorials or good old-fashioned ASMR videos, it’s best to know how to make the most of the platform.

Wanna find out everything from how to create an OnlyFans account to tips and tricks for making money on the platform? Keep scrollin’.

Is OnlyFans safe?

As an OnlyFans creator, it’s important to set boundaries you’re comfortable with — especially if you’re planning to post adult content. Let’s face it, not everyone is a sex-positive babe. Top creators like Elexus Jionde and Lena the Plug have spoken openly about the backlash they faced when starting to work on OnlyFans.

Fortunately, OnlyFans allows you to set boundaries in a safe way.

You absolutely don’t have to sell sexual content to make money on the platform. But if you do want to create adult content, there are plenty ways to do so anonymously if that’s your preference.

And if you're looking to know how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, to keep things extra anonymous...scroll on.

How to use OnlyFans without showing your face

Here are a few ways to keep it anonymous:

🧐 You can use a fake name

🧐 You can easily create content without showing your face

🧐You can block specific regions (e.g., your hometown) from seeing your content

🧐 OnlyFans allows creators to report if their content has been taken off the app illegally (to porn sites, for example)

Basically, you choose how you make your money in a way that’s safe and feels right for you. You set the boundaries. As Elexus Jionde says: know your worth and add tax.

How to be successful on OnlyFans

Okay, down to the nitty gritty.

You can choose how frequently you get paid on OnlyFans, from weekly to monthly.

Like any small business, creating content on OnlyFans is not a get rich quick scheme. But there are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow to boost your following and eventually start making big bucks.

💰 To attract new viewers: make the most of your header. It’s all part of building a brand for your page. You’re gonna want to use an image that’s not explicit, but that gives your viewers an idea of what they might see.

Put your monthly subscription on sale. You might wanna do a deal like, “Subscribe for your first month with no cost.” To set a subscription price or discount, go to “Settings” and click “Subscription price and bundles.”

When a viewer joins, send them a custom welcome message letting them know the features you offer.

💰 Posting consistently is KEY: post every day, even if it’s just a status update. You want to get your viewers in the habit of checking for your content. This way you can build a relationship with your viewers by offering promotions to specific people, inviting them to unlock videos in messages or offering to make custom videos.

💰 Promote your account on Twitter/X: Twitter/X is one of the only social media platforms that’s relaxed about what’s shared on there. You can also reach out to established groups to promote your content for a fee.

How to start an OnlyFans

Whether or not to start an OnlyFans is a decision only you can make.

Here’s what Lena the Plug says:

“If you think this is for you, and you’ve thought about it for a long time and all the consequences that come with it, then go for it. If you’re not sure, then stay in the not sure place and don’t do it.”

If you do decide it’s right for you, OnlyFans can offer you a safe and easy way to earn income — whether it’s your main source or a little extra on the side. You can easily sign up on their website.

If you are still feeling unsure, there are tons of alternative side-hustles to OnlyFans. In fact, we have a whole article on it.

Wondering if there's an OnlyFans app?

Since Apple bans adult content from its platforms, there isn't currently an app available for Apple. So the best way to get started is the old-fashioned way - on the OnlyFans website.

Just make sure it's the legit site. That's OnlyFans.com. Not OnlyFabs, FansOnly, or OnlyFam (that last one is very, very niche)

There's one last thing to consider..

How am I going to keep track of all the money I'm about to make?

Big optimist energy. Love to see it.

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Stay safe. Set your boundaries. “Know your worth, and add tax.”

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